The Vice Presidency of the Republic rewards efforts in favor of gender equality

On March 10, in the M Forum and under the slogan 'Colombia Sin Techos de Cristal' , the Vice Presidency of the Republic and the Presidential Council for the Equity of Women, will make a special recognition and reward the institutional efforts implemented by territorial entities (departments and capital cities) and the private sector, to generate strategies that contribute to the reduction of gender inequalities in the country.





In the Vice Presidency of Colombia we are convinced that the economic, political and emotional empowerment of women contributes significantly to promoting growth and eliminating any form of violence and discrimination against women that affects or prevents their participation in the full development of the country. As well as stand out in the different fields of society, innovation, research, science, technology, and the fourth industrial revolution.




A. Company with best corporate practices that promote the reduction of gender gaps.


To apply in this category, the successful experience in the incorporation of corporate policies aimed at building a #ColombiaSinTechosDeCristal should be presented, promoting more diverse, competitive, innovative and discrimination-free environments that promote the balance of power and empowerment; and fill out this form , which will need to be supported, providing bylaws, corporate policies or other pertinent documents that evidence or confirm the information provided, through the Vice Presidency of the Republic.


B. Company with best inclusive corporate governance practices.


To apply for this category, the successful experience in incorporating women into business decision-making must be presented, providing statutes, corporate policies and other documents that validate or confirm the information provided. To do this, an executive summary of the case of no more than 2,000 characters and a video with the presentation of the case that does not exceed 5 minutes must be sent to the Vice President of the Republic.


C. Better Territorial Plan to reduce the gaps between men and women.

To apply in this category, you must download and fill out the attached form, as appropriate, and support the application by providing the pages of the development plan and the specific goals that respond to the recommendations made, through the Vice Presidency of the Republic.


Best Departmental Territorial Plan Form

Best Municipal Territorial Plan Form Special Category 1, 2 and 3

Best Municipal Territorial Plan Form Category 4, 5 and 6


D. Best territorial government program for the prevention and care of violence against women.


To apply in this category, the territorial entity must present its program in a descriptive document and send it to the Vice Presidency of the Republic including:


- Name of the initiative and a descriptive phrase of 15 words maximum.


- Description of the initiative: Executive summary. 750 words maximum, answering the following questions: What was the initiative implemented? What problem or situation are you trying to solve? Why should it be recognized?


- Strategic objectives.


- Beneficiaries: Specify the target audience for the initiative, as well as the estimated number of direct beneficiaries and their characteristics.


- Results: Report if the initiative has demonstrable results supported by indicators based on short, medium and / or long-term objectives.


- Replicability: Report if the initiative has characteristics or mechanisms that allow it to be adapted in other contexts (governments) in the region. 200 words maximum.


-Innovation: Report if the initiative incorporates a new approach, new concepts, new practices or tools applied in the design, implementation or management of services, organizations, programs and public policies. 200 words maximum.




Governors and mayors.


Companies from the private, public, non-profit or mixed economy sectors.




February 10 - 26



To send your application, fill out the related forms in the upper section and send the supports to, detailing in the matter the category in which you wish to apply.




Completely complete the form and the descriptive documents of the proposals, accompanied by a declaration letter from the highest authority of the territorial government or company that certifies:


The veracity of the documentation presented is faithful to reality, authorization for the dissemination of the material presented.


A maximum of one (1) initiative or program per entity may be applied for in each of the categories.


Applications in a personal capacity will not be accepted, nor will projects that have not started or that do not have demonstrable results will be accepted.




The proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by a competent jury, made up of executives from the private sector, representatives of international organizations, the media and academia, which will choose three finalists and the winner for each category, who will be announced in the middle of Forum M, On March 10.